Imagine playing the cello with a gorgeous sound, ergonomically correct technique, with complete freedom and expression
without pain, tension, discomfort, or frustrations!
Do you relate to at least one challenge here?


1. Feeling tension or even pain in different areas of your body when you play 

2. Getting easily tired when you practice

3. Vibrato sounds and feels tense

4. Sound production is poor, tiny sounding or scratchy

5. Can't play fast without a lot of effort

6. Feeling like your progress is slow or feeling completely stuck

7. Spending too much time practicing and not getting the results you want

8. Intonation is not consistent

9. Having trouble nailing shifts

10. You are not happy with how you sound and playing the cello just seems hard to you


I am here to guide you to effortless mastery!

Hello fellow cellists! My name is Wendy, and I am a professional cellist. I received a masters degree, and artist diploma from the Juilliard School and have been teaching and performing around the world for the past 20+ years.

I have struggled with tension and sound production in my early years as a performer. I used to always force my sound to play loud. I thought that the more I pressed, and the harder I tried, I would eventually produce a bigger and better sound.

Not only did I not get the sound I wanted, I also found myself squeezing both hands, tighenting my shoulders and neck. I was playing with so much tension and sometimes even pain! It was terrible technique and habits. Do you relate?

Why I Created the "Play with Ease" Course + Cello Mastery Academy

I have spent years of trial and error to come up with a system that works for myself and my students. What started as a quest to conquer my own cello challenges in the past has turned into my passion to help others play with ease, freedom, and fluidity. 

Now I have created a system that is making a huge difference for all my students, and now I want to share this knowledge with you through the "Play with Ease" online cello course, along with a curated suite of 4 bonuses with live support and interactions with me.

You can stream 24/7, and study cello online ANYTIME, and from ANYWHERE in the world!

The course has 5 modules and 41 video lessons. You can go at your own pace and stream them at the comfort of your own home.

The Academy is good for all levels of players from beginners to pre-professionals. Check the FAQ in the bottom for more details.

Playing the cello doesn't have to be hard. We just have to be smart about how we use our body naturally to our advantage.

Come join me in this adventure and I will show you how to have more fun and satisfaction playing the cello!

What if you can play with ease and fluidity without feeling tense or frustrated?
  • Improve your posture and overall technique

  • Express yourself more freely and musically

  • Better your sound with our "Play with Ease" system

Not only is all of this possible, the "Play with Ease" course along with my curated bonus suite will help you achieve your goals from the comfort of your home, and at your own pace!
Leveling up your cello playing to effortless mastery
The "Play With Ease" + Cello Mastery Academy is everything you need to:
  • Develop ergonomically left and right hand technique
  • Enjoy effortless playing with proper posture
  • Play with more confidence & freedom
Improving Intonation, Musicality & Comfort!

"I spent two years learning and practicing cello without ever sounding any better.

Wendy’s course helped me improve my tone, intonation, musicality, and comfort with the cello so that I can enjoy playing and produce a quality sound others want to listen to … or at least don’t mind listening to :)

Anyone wanting to take their playing to the next level should take this course."

Cash L, CO USA

5 Modules and 41 Video Lessons with Exercises

 The "Play with Ease" cello course will change the relationship you have with your cello, and help you play with more joy and expression! And along the way, you may find that you have a better sound!

This course is divided into 5 modules:

Module 1: Posture

Module 2: Left Hand

Module 3: Bow Arm

Module 4: Practice Releasing

Module 5: Body Awareness

Let's take a look at what exactly we will cover in these 5 modules:



In the introduction of the course, we go into some of the reasons for tension in our body. Having the right posture definitely sets you up to play ergonomically and free from tension. In this module, we will explore:

  • Causes of common tension areas for cellists
  • How to personalize your best seating position to avoid tension
  • How to use your body framework to support your playing
  • How to adjust your body 

Left Hand Technique

In this module, we explore different left hand exercises and technique that give you power, but at same time release tension. Some of the key teaching includes:

  • Learn the secret to the perfect left hand shape, how to release tension in the fingers, thumb, and extensions
  • Learn how to nail every shift effortlessly 
  • Learn how to achieve a beautiful and natural vibrato
  • Learn the "Karate Chops" thumb position technique 

Bow Technique

In this module, we use different exercises to help you achieve maximum sound with minimal extra effort. You will learn the "Turn the door knob" method and how to develop flexibility to release tension. Here are a few more things you will learn:

  • Learn the natural bow hold approach and the pendulum method to create a beautiful sound
  • Learn how to evenly distribute the fingers without squeezing the thumb
  • Learn how to play loud without effort
  • Learn how to vary between bow pressure and speed on each string to produce the best sound

Practice Releasing

In this module, we dive deep into the actual practice of releasing with tools including breath work, movement, and journaling. Here's what we will explore:

  • Learn how to spot and release
  • Learn how to properly warmup to stay loose
  • Learn how to move naturally to enhance your playing
  • Learn this one secret tool that works like a charm in releasing tension

Body Awareness

We will explore our relationship with our body, and how it can help strengthen us to be better cellists.

  • Learn to listen to your body and allow it to guide you
  • Learn to find ways to strengthen the body
  • Learn how to reset the body
  • Learn how to prepare your body to play
On top of all of that, you also have access to a curated bonus suite to support and improve your playing immediately! This is a $5400 added value!
#1 Exclusive Cello Mastery Community & Support

Be part of the Cello Mastery Community! Gain access to curated technique discussions, exclusive video content, and support directly from me! Ask cello or course related questions, connect with fellow cellists, and share your progress with each other. 

$1200 VALUE

#2 Cello Mastery Course: The Art of Practicing

To continue to help you improve as a cellist, you will learn how to practice effectively to maximize results. In this pre-recorded live course, you will learn:

-How to practice efficiently

-How to work on technically challenging passages

-How to be motivated to practice

-How to develop a good practice routine

-How to set your goals to achieve your cello dream 

$1000 VALUE

#3 Cello Vibrato Mastery Course

This course teaches you the basics of how to do vibrato to more advanced techniques such as continuous vibrato, varying the speed and width of the vibrato to create colors as well as exercises to develop and strengthen your vibrato.

$1000 VALUE

#4 Monthly VIP Class

You have one year access to the monthly VIP livestream Class! The class covers specific cello topics, live demonstrations, Q&A, and occasional guest cellist appearances & student performance feedback! This offer is ONLY for currently enrolled academy students!

Topic Driven Cello Class

Every month, we have a live 90 min cello class on a specific topic such as intonation, musicality, vibrato, and sound production etc. As part of the selected group of cellists, you can vote for topics for these masterclasses.

Student Performance Feedback & Guest Masterclasses

Occasionally, I may select students to play live and receive direct feedback. It's almost like a lesson! Special guests may also conduct classes.

Have Your Burning Cello Questions Answered LIVE!

You have direct access to me live and can ask me any cello questions during our class. I will have live demonstrations with Q & A.

$1500 VALUE

Are you ready?
  • Play with Ease Cello Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)
  • Bonus: Exclusive Cello Mastery Community (Valued at $1200) 
  • Bonus: One Year Access to Monthly VIP Livestream Class (Valued at $1500)
  • Bonus: The Art of Practicing Cello Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)
  • Bonus: Cello Vibrato Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)






Transcending Physical Discomfort!

"As an adult beginner, one can experience a multitude of ways to accumulate tension, irritate joints, and tire out muscles. There are the physical challenges of holding the instrument properly, gripping the bow, and repetitive & unfamiliar movements during practice. 

Using Wendy's "Play With Ease" System, I am able to transcend pain and discomfort and play with more freedom.

I would highly recommend taking this course for anyone serious about learning and especially practicing cello regularly as an adult."

Ralph D., Ireland

No More Pain!

"I played cello with pain in my right hand and left shoulder for many years.  My previous instructor taught me incorrectly how to hold the bow and never noticed the tension in my left shoulder caused by my left arm position. 

After following Wendy's method, I now play pain-free.  

There are not many exceptional cellists who are extraordinary teachers.  Wendy is both because she is able to help students improve their sound through a superior method that reduces tension. 

This course has something for every cellist regardless of skill level"

Patrick T, CT USA

I Can Play for Hours!

"For so many years, after a three hour orchestra rehearsal I would end up with a painful knot in my upper back.

But now, by following Wendy's practical advice about how to play ergonomically and to release tension, I am able to get through an entire rehearsal pain free.

A bonus is that my sound is much better as well. I can't thank her enough!"

Ann R., UT USA

Better Intonation & Vibrato!

"As an adult beginner cellist, it was not easy for me to relax while playing, especially with my left hand vibrato.

With Wendy's method and some patience, I now have the correct left hand shape and it helps to release tension.

After some practice, I can now easily play more in tune and I am no longer afraid of a string of sixteenth notes anymore! I highly recommend the course!"

Liz X, China

The Academy Suits Every Level

"I have found the course to be extremely helpful and informative…

The bite sized modules are clear and well thought out, and Wendy is not only an extremely talented cellist, but an excellent teacher…

I am able to access the courses on my own time and schedule, and being able to review points over and over again. It is very useful….

The online Cello Mastery Community is lovely to be part of,  and Wendy has been generous with her time and communications, which is honestly, quite exceptional…

Also, the fact that once I paid for the course, I can access the material “forever” is wonderful…

The course suits every level, from a complete beginner like me, to others with years of playing experience.

I am very grateful to Wendy for creating such a wonderful learning platform.

Jacqueline Eastman, New Zealand

Let's do this!!
  • Play with Ease Cello Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)
  • Bonus: Exclusive Cello Mastery Community (Valued at $1200) 
  • Bonus: One Year Access to Monthly VIP Livestream Class (Valued at $1500)
  • Bonus: The Art of Practicing Cello Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)
  • Bonus: Cello Vibrato Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)






Are we a good fit?

Should you join the "Play With Ease" Cello Mastery Course? Is it a right fit for you?  

YOU ARE A GREAT FIT FOR the "Play With Ease" Course IF:

  • You are ready to better your bowing technique, intonation, accuracy, sound production, vibrato, and left hand technique. 

  • You are ready to let go of tension or discomfort and play with joy and ease

  • You are serious about making progress 
  • You want to play cello easily and effortlessly
  • You are ready to take your cello playing to a whole new level
There has never been a better time to completely transform your playing in the comfort of your own home, and take the course at your own pace.
If you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and start reaching for your highest potential, I’m holding out my hand waiting for you to grab on.

Playing the cello doesn't have to be difficult. It does take some patience, time and commitment.

I have made this course for you to go at your own pace, review each lesson along the way, and make steady progress.

I have put in my years of experience as a teacher and performer, with tried and true methods, and thoroughly tested techniques that I know WORKS!

With my support, the Cello Mastery Academy will empower you and transform your playing. In no time, you will find that your technique improves, your body is relaxed, and your playing becomes easy, fun, effortless, and enjoyable.

Sign up right now before the Academy closes! As soon you hit the button, your life as a cellist is about to dramatically change for the better! This could be the best decision you ever make for your cello playing!
It's time to master the cello!
  • Play with Ease Cello Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)
  • Bonus: Exclusive Cello Mastery Community (Valued at $1200) 
  • Bonus: One Year Access to Monthly VIP Livestream Class (Valued at $1500)
  • Bonus: The Art of Practicing Cello Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)
  • Bonus: Cello Vibrato Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)